Menandros & Thaïs (anglické titulky)

A surreal swords-and-sandals-film based on the adventure novels from late antiquity.

Menandros & Thaïs (anglické titulky)
Země / Rok výroby
Rakousko, Česko 2016
124 min.
Full HD
  • čeština
  • angličtina
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The past and the present, the languages Czech and German are mixed together. Menandros and Thaïs are freshly married, but the wedding day ends bloodily. Thaïs is kidnapped by pirates. Searching for her, the bridegroom becomes a bloodthirsty monster, his horse grows wings, a witch promises him to another woman, King Xerxes unmans him, but everything comes to an happy end. Or does it? It took six years to produce this film, in the beginning without official funding, but with more then 300 (partly professional) volunteers. Finally, the project was supported by the Czech State Cinematography Fund and celebrated its premiere at the Prague International Film Festival Febiofest.

This is the version with English subtitles.

Česko-německá původní verze / Die deutsch-tschechische Originalversion.

Pozor, toto je verze s anglickými titulky! Českým a německým divákům doporučujeme původní verzi s česko-německými titulky.

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